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Revo Uninstaller for Mac

Many people like you will choose Revo Uninstaller to remove stubborn programs on their Windows PCs. Revo Uninstaller is well-known for its Forced Uninstall and built-in convenient tools like Junk Files Cleaner and File Shredder. Revo Uninstaller is better than "Windows Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs)". It helps you remove stubborn programs installed on your PC even if you cannot uninstall them from the system control panel.

Unfortunately, Revo Uninstaller only supports Microsoft Windows. But there are also obstinate applications on Apple's Mac operating system. Here MacBooster is humbly recommended. Its Smart Uninstaller is the uninstaller app Apple has forgot.

MacBooster's Smart Uninstaller can will generate a full list of applications on your Mac. You can choose an item to view its details and delete it completely and safely.

Besides the uninstaller tool, MacBooster packs up 10 essential apps for Mac OS X. Some are provided in Revo Uninstaller, like Cleaner and Shredder, the others are not. Now you can get all these useful tools at a reasonable price. MacBooster is the closest equivalent to Revo Uninstaller on Mac.

Revo Uninstaller for Mac - Fast Cleaner

Remove Junk Files Quickly and Completely

The Smart Uninstaller removes your unwanted app without leaving leftovers. However, there are other junk files on your Mac, like cache, log files and unnecessary files. MacBooster comes with powerful cleaners that help you free up disk space.

With MacBooster, you can either run a complete system scan. After that, all files that are safe to delete will be checked. You're able to clean up your disk space with just one click. On the Fast Cleanup page, you can make settings to the cleaners and perform a custom cleanup.

Revo Uninstaller for Mac - Antivirus

Protect Your Mac from Malware, Spyware and Viruses

Why do you need Revo Uninstaller for Mac to remove app? Are your Mac infected by malware? Stop worrying. It's time to get your Mac protected by the best antivirus and Internet Security application rated by Yes, it's MacBooster. The Internet Security module of MacBooster not only keeps your Mac from Windows and Mac viruses, but also blocks malicious sites automatically. You can even manually create a Blacklist of fraud sites so no malware can be loaded onto your Mac machine.

Revo Uninstaller for Mac - File Shredder

Delete Files For Ever - Zero Possibility to Recover

Uninstalling a program and removing files doesn't mean they are gone forever. Usually, the removed files and folders are just marked as deleted but they are not erased physically. With the help of a data recovery software, even a computer newbie can recover files in a few clicks. That's why Revo Uninstaller includes an Unrecoverable Delete tool (or called File Shredder).

Similar to Revo Uninstaller, MacBooster also has a file shredder program that lets you delete photo files without any chance to recover them.

Revo Uninstaller for Mac - Default App

Manage Startup Items to Boost Your Mac

Like all Microsoft Windows versions, Mac system launches with lots of application when starts up. You might not notice this will obviously slow down your Mac if too many applications open with your Mac. Now MacBooster, the best Revo Uninstaller, give you an opportunity to manage these login items. Just get rid of unwanted apps and keep only necessary one. You'll definitely feel the faster speed when you power on your Mac.